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About Anti-Wrinkle Injections?

Anti-wrinkle injections, also known as botulinum toxin injections, are neurotoxins that affect nerves and cause muscle weakening. Small amounts of botulinum toxin are injected into specific muscles to smooth wrinkles, prevent migraine headaches and treat a wider of other health concerns.

Anti-wrinkle injections blocks nerve signals to muscles. As a result, injected muscles can’t contract (tense up). These effects are always temporary, but can last for several months. The muscle injected depends on the primary area of concern. Several areas can be treated in one session.

During the treatment itself a tiny needle is used to inject a substance into the facial muscles which bring about a reduction in lines in wrinkles within a few weeks.


The procedure is quick, very safe and relatively painless. You may experience some temporary redness and bruising following treatment but you can resume your normal daily activities straight away.


We will see you 2 weeks after your treatment for a review to assess the effectiveness of your treatment. The results will last between 3-4 months depending on the severity of your lines and how long you have been having ant-wrinkle treatments.

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What Our Clients Say


Hollie M

Amazing service and experience. I just had microneedling for the first time and Claire is so welcoming and friendly I feel so comfortable coming here. Lovely clean well decorated room too all adds to the
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