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About PDO Threads

The “Non Surgical Facelift” is the new trend made popular by numerous celebrities recently and it is an excellent, safe and effective non-surgical technique to lift and tighten skin. PDO COG threads have the potential to re-define facial contours and induces collagen production. The treatment forms part of an integrated support structure for the tissue of the face by encouraging natural collagen synthesis with immediate results that peak at 6months and last between 2-3years.

Treatment areas will include the Cheeks, Nasolabial folds, Jowls and Jawline. The Barbed PDO threads improve facial appearance by immediately lifting and tightening sagging tissues. In the coming months, they will also encourage the production of new collagen in the skin to add volume and rejuvenate skin.

Ideal candidates will typically be aged 30-60yrs old. The ideal patient will have some laxity in the jowl region with some descent of the cheek volume.


   PDO Mono Threads treatment uses bio-absorbable threads, which are inserted into specific depths and areas of the skin in order to offer a facelifting effect. The PDO thread insertion provides an immediate visible tightening effect whilst stimulating the natural collagen production within the skin. This then stimulates skin rejuvenation, elasticity, brighter skin tone and reduces the appearance of wrinkles, nasolabial folds (smile lines) and saggy skin.

The mono threads produce and increase collagen around the threads. Although the effects are immediately apparent, maximum results are reached sometime later (between 2 to 3 months). The result is long-lasting rejuvenation of the skin, which delays the natural ageing process by at least 9 to 12 months.

COG Threads
PDO MONO Threads
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What Our Clients Say


Monica C

I went to Claire, for lip filler and botox. I highly recommend, her beauty treatments. A lovely lady, made me feel at ease.
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